General Service

Main duties and responsibilities of the Directorate

Improved infrastructure & equipment

Monitoring the performance process of constructing health and health Related facilities /Building Roads/ by Rating and displaying constructed facilities on selected indicators performance.

Key Activities


Specification & Bill of quantity preparation

Biding and comparing

  • Advance the process & management of  building  construction
  • Advance selection and construction material supply
  • Improve quality of building and Road construction

Expansion renovation and maintenance of infrastructure & utilities

Performance monitoring of the entire Expansion Renovation and maintenance  service delivery system by rating and displaying the performance of the 9 work division of general maintenance , garage & medical work on selected high priority indicator of the performance Helps to point out the preformed expansion renovation and maintenance of infrastructure and utilities

  • Construct/ maintain buildings &roads
  • Construct & maintain quality of utilities
  • Sustain telephone system
  • Expand alternative source of electric power supply
  • Improve sewerage lines

Furnish and Equip different departments with functional modern equipment

Performance monitoring of the entire furnishing and equipping departments with functional and technological new equipped will improve the service delivery system

Strengthen Biomedical and maintenance management system

Design & Implement utility management system

Tegene Alemayehu

Interim General Service Director